Production and quality in one place

One of the activities of our company is the production of bus doors, manufactured using the most modern techniques, closely following the specific requirements. Available types: inner-hinged doors or outer-hinged doors.

Our doors are provided with the following technical content as standard:

  • special corner-braced welded aluminium profile frame, powder coated or painted according to requirements
  • bonded safety ESG glass
  • fitted with standard or heated glass as required
  • the locking mechanism can be lockable with a key from the outside, from the inside or latched from the inside as required
  • pneumatic operating bridge pre-equipped with control elements, external-internal emergency door releases, fitted with magnetic piston cylinder,
  • without control electronics
  • air pressure: 7-10 bar. Nominal control voltage = 24 V DC.
Manufacture of inner-hinged doors
(pneumatic linear actuator)

General appearance

Ikarus Electric Kft.: Ikarus 120E City Pioneer Electric city bus

IKARUS Járműtechnika Kft.: Ikarus 125 suburban, intercity bus

Kravtex Kft.: Econell city and suburban buses

Manufacture of outer-hinged doors
(pneumatic top linear or bottom rotary actuated)

General appearance

IKARUS Járműtechnika Kft.: Aries-Currus-Volvo type

Kravtex Kft.: Inovell type intercity buses