Production and quality in one place

Our technological capabilities

Manufacture of welded steel structures up to 10,000 kg with qualified welders.

Manufacture of welded aluminium structures with a capacity of 6,000×1,500×3,000 mm using qualified welders

Welding hall

  • Area of our welding hall: 5,500 m2
  • Average height: 12m, equipped with crane tracks.
  • Number of crane tracks: 3
  • Max load capacity of cranes:
    • 2 of 5t
    • 2 of 2t
    • 1 of 10t
  • Number of welding machines: 80

Cutting plant

  • Our cutting plant has an area of 500 m2,
  • Max load capacity of crane: 2t

Edge bending plant

  • Our edge bending plant has an area of 500 m2

Lasering plant

  • Our lasering plant has an area of 500 m2


  • Area of our raw material warehouse: 800 m2
  • Semi-finished material warehouse: 600 m2
  • Number of forklifts: 7